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Kristine Malik K-12 Professional Development
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Kristine Malik, PhD

As a former social studies teacher, administrator and higher education faculty, Dr. Malik leverages a diverse blend of knowledge, expertise and wisdom to cater to her clients’ needs.

Navigating her role as an administrator, one of Dr. Kristine Malik’s challenges was securing budget-friendly, personalized professional development for her faculty in the Toledo, Ohio area. She aimed to steer clear of generic training sessions and trainers without a K12 background, seeking a more tailored and informed approach for her faculty. She established KM Educational Consulting to provide personalized and cost-effective consulting and training services in Northwest Ohio and the tristate region.

Dr. Kristine Malik

Through candid conversations she helps her clients address instructional challenges, equip faculty with research-based, student-centered practices. Dr. Malik provides support for 1:1 programs, blended learning, educational technology integration, and makerspace development. She combines her expertise with great interpersonal skills and her clients gain confidence and inspiration as they engage with her. 

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